Parcours du Golf de la Grande Bastide

18-hole Grande Bastide golf course - A challenging course

Stunning 18-hole golf course near Grasse, the world capital of perfume

Designed in 1990 by Cabell Robinson, who used to work for Robert Trent Jones Senior, Golf de la Grande Bastide features decidedly modern architecture. It offers golfers wide fairways and well-protected greens with numerous bunkers and water features, laid out in a stunning, gently undulating natural setting.

The length of the teeing grounds and its open space layout makes this course both a challenge for good players and suitable for beginners.

The golf course in details

Hole n°x
Hole n°x

Hole n°1

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 14
  • White 346
  • Yellow 295
  • Blue 272
  • Red 230
  • Orange 180

Pro Advice

Long Par 4 turning from left to right. No great difficulty. Simply lean on the left-hand side of the Fairway so as not to be hampered by Green’s attack.

Hole n°2

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 12
  • White 346
  • Yellow 309
  • Blue 254
  • Red 247
  • Orange 120

Pro Advice

It’s a hole that I really enjoy. I often have the opportunity to hit this green on the first shot by hitting the ball over the trees to the right when the wind is favourable. For amateurs, I recommend a drive along the right-hand side of the Fairway as it is on a slope. The green is often very firm and slopes steeply from right to left, requiring a second shot from the Fairway to stop the ball as easily as possible.

Hole n°3

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 10
  • White 347
  • Yellow 318
  • Blue 269
  • Red 257
  • Orange 135

Pro Advice

Nice long Par 4. Favour the left side of the Fairway so as not to leave a blind second shot behind the bunker on the right. The green climbs very quickly and the best place for the second shot is short of the flag.

Hole n°4

  • PAR 3
  • HCP 8
  • White 186
  • Yellow 158
  • Blue 142
  • Red 107
  • Orange 107

Pro Advice

For me, the most difficult hole on the course. A long Par 3 with a very complicated green. It’s better to take your first shot at the entrance to the green to avoid a ball escaping to the right. Par is a very good score on this hole.

Hole n°5

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 16
  • White 347
  • Yellow 301
  • Blue 273
  • Red 260
  • Orange 135

Pro Advice

Par 4 dog leg to the right. Don’t cut too much over the trees on the right. Lean to the left of the Fairway, as the rough can be very high and it will be almost impossible to stop the ball on the Green. A large green with a double plateau. Great difficulty when the flag is at the bottom. Favour a rather short shot because approaching from behind the Green is almost impossible.

Hole n°6

  • PAR 5
  • HCP 2
  • White 485
  • Yellow 448
  • Blue 434
  • Red 405
  • Orange 220

Pro Advice

Magnificent Par 5. Probably the most difficult green in Europe! Nothing to report from the start to the third shot. But then things get complicated. A downhill green with slopes. I advise all players to really aim for the middle of the green. Two putts are a bonus!

Hole n°7

  • PAR 3
  • HCP 18
  • White 135
  • Yellow 112
  • Blue 86
  • Red 76
  • Orange 76

Pro Advice

Short Par 3 with no great difficulty. A very wide green. Use the left-hand side of the green to avoid the bunker, which can be dangerous.

Hole n°8

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 4
  • White 401
  • Yellow 373
  • Blue 348
  • Red 319
  • Orange 190

Pro Advice

The longest Par 4 on the course. Use the right-hand side of the Fairway to avoid the bunker. A very steep green. It’s best to position yourself on the right-hand side of the green to avoid the large bump on the left and leave yourself an uphill putt.

Hole n°9

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 6
  • White 341
  • Yellow 320
  • Blue 297
  • Red 276
  • Orange 110

Pro Advice

A very technical par 4! No misses on the left! Rely on the right-hand side. Even a ball in the rough is better than one in the water. A very complicated second shot. The danger lies on both sides of the green. On the right there’s the water and on the left there are some very inviting bunkers. My advice is to aim for the entrance to the green with a fairly rolling ball so that you can reach the middle of the green without too much trouble.

Hole n°10

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 17
  • White 248
  • Yellow 240
  • Blue 212
  • Red 201
  • Orange 135

Pro Advice

Nice par 4. Favour the left side of the fairway so as not to leave a blind second shot behind the bunker on the right. The green climbs very quickly, so the best place for the second shot is short of the flag.

Hole n°11

  • PAR 5
  • HCP 13
  • White 468
  • Yellow 412
  • Blue 366
  • Red 331
  • Orange 220

Pro Advice

Long Par 5 turning slightly from right to left. Drive along the right-hand side of the Fairway. No difficulty on the second shot. A fairly complicated green once again. Don’t miss to the right of the green, which would leave you with a very difficult chip on the slope.

Hole n°12

  • PAR 5
  • HCP 1
  • White 509
  • Yellow 465
  • Blue 422
  • Red 409
  • Orange 220

Pro Advice

No great difficulty from the tee to the green. The ideal position is about 100 metres from the green for the third shot. That’s when the trouble starts! One of the most complicated greens on this course. A good choice of club to get level with the flag is essential. Don’t miss your shot too far from the green, or you’ll end up with an impossible chip.

Hole n°13

  • PAR 3
  • HCP 11
  • White 165
  • Yellow 146
  • Blue 135
  • Red 112
  • Orange 70

Pro Advice

Beautiful downhill Par 3. It is generally played with 1 or 2 clubs off the tee. Lean to the right and let the mound bring your ball back to the green.

Hole n°14

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 5
  • White 381
  • Yellow 363
  • Blue 340
  • Red 318
  • Orange 190

Pro Advice

Fairly long par 4. Not really difficult on this hole. The important thing is to find the right height for the flag on your second shot. A very large green with a double plateau across the hole.

Hole n°15

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 15
  • White 300
  • Yellow 277
  • Blue 252
  • Red 234
  • Orange 135

Pro Advice

One of my favourite holes! I can effectively attack this short Par 4 in a single shot, but stay vigilant… Very small Green across with little room to put your ball down. It’s better to hit your shot a good distance from the green so that you can stop it easily.

Hole n°16

  • PAR 3
  • HCP 9
  • White 123
  • Yellow 101
  • Blue 93
  • Red 74
  • Orange 74

Pro Advice

New hole! We’re listening to your advice… A short hole where precision will be required to avoid the bunkers on the right and the river behind the green.

Hole n°17

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 7
  • White 294
  • Yellow 284
  • Blue 262
  • Red 221
  • Orange 130

Pro Advice

A new tee shot for this now Par 4 hole. Once the first shot had been played and the water avoided, there was no great difficulty on the second shot, a fairly flat green, but with lots of small slopes. Watch out for a flag on the small plateau at the bottom left of the green.

Hole n°18

  • PAR 4
  • HCP 3
  • White 387
  • Yellow 356
  • Blue 329
  • Red 310
  • Orange 135

Pro Advice

Probably the most attractive hole on the course. Par 4 that turns from right to left. Make sure your tee-off is not too long. A big row of trees can get in the way for your second shot.  A complex green with a water hazard on the left. It is best to stay above the bunker on the right and let the ball roll towards the middle of the green using the significant right to left slope.

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