Golf de la Grande Bastide Club life

Events at Golf de la Grande Bastide

Throughout the year, the golf club and Association Sportive organise a wide range of events so everyone can enjoy golf in their own way, either through fun or more challenging events.

Get together at the golf club

The golf club is a great place to catch up with friends and make new ones at sporting, cultural, business and fundraising events. Many events are organised, both on the course and at the restaurant, so everyone can enjoy socialising. Throughout the year, the golf club also organises events for members, golfers, children and of course people with no golf experience, who join us in greater numbers every year. In addition to the local events, club life features highlights organised by the Resonance Golf Collection network to which our golf club belongs.

Association Sportive at Golf de la Grande Bastide

Golf de la Grande Bastide is a business, but in 2004 a sports association was founded through which you can enter league and national competitions and represent the club at several regional inter-club events. The association is managed completely separately from the club but we are united under an agreement. We work hand in hand to continue offering AS members club competitions and services to meet their needs.

A word from the President

After having held various positions on the Steering Committee of the Grande Bastide Sports Association for many years, I was able to build around me a high-performance team with which the good results are associated with an excellent atmosphere to the delight of our members. We have recorded many high-level sporting achievements and very pleasant animations in association with the management of the club.

Without a doubt, the next few years, starting in 2024, should also be full of successes, friendly meetings and good results for all our federal or club teams.

Thank you to all our members for their enthusiastic support and to the Management of Resonance Golf Collection which maintains its confidence in us through the convention that binds us and is renewed.

Patrick Hoffman
Association Sportive President

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